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What Do We Offer?

Curious about our services? Check out some of the areas we can remotely assist with for artists, crafters, and creators alike!

Email Management

Do you find you're always behind on emails, or dread reviewing and replying to them? This is where we can help! We will implement folder and label organization to help keep your inbox clean and stress-free, AND we will reply to and manage all those pesky emails for you!

Calendar Management and Bookings

Do you have trouble organizing your calendar, or just don't have the time to manage it anymore? We can help! We can setup simple systems in your calendar to help keep bookings up-to-date, and schedule bookings, meetings, and calls on your behalf! One less thing for you to worry about.

Booking/Website/Sales Form Processing

Do you have a website form for bookings, queries, or sales? We can help! We know how overwhelming these can get, and we can get simple systems in place to help organize this for you, and reply on your behalf!

Instagram DM Management

This can be an overwhelming one! Do you find you struggle to keep up with your Instagram DM's, or field the queries to the appropriate area (even if DM's are closed, I know you still get them)! We can help reply and field queries that come in through Instagram to take more less thing off your plate.

Document Generation

Do you have trouble keeping track of things? Invoices, bookings, sales, or other? There are systems for that! Similarly, have you ever dreamt of having a Manual for your business, or some templates that you routinely use to help expedite your processes? Good news! We can help here as well.

Cloud Storage Organization

Okay! We know storing files on your desktop is easy-peasy - right? Well, if your computer crashes, those files could be lost! A simple solution is to move to a cloud-based service (such as Google Drive, or Microsoft OneDrive) to store all your electronic goodies. We can help facilitate this and organize the files within!

Billing, Invoice, and Payment Tracking

Money money money! Oh how it is important to business, yet can be a burden on our shoulders. We can help with this! If you need help finding methods to best keep track of your accounting, outstanding invoices, vendor payments, and more, we are here to help!

Order Tracking and Fulfillment

This can be a tricky one, especially as business begins to boom. If you are having difficulty managing your order statuses and their fulfillment, let us know! We can help implement simple tracking tools to make this process much easier for you, and we can keep it up-to-date for you with some minimal input from you!

Paper Scanning to Digital

Have a backlog of paper files sitting at your home or office that you shudder at the sight off? No worries! You can send it to us, and we will make all of it digital for you! This process can take some time (depending on the size and amount of the files), but can be well worth the time to have paper no more!

Anything Else!

Is there something else you need help with administratively that you do not see listed here? Do not fret! Please let us know and we are happy to discuss options with you to see how we can best assist, and in turn, bring your dreams to life!

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